News, Media & Celebrity Clients

Jay Conrad Levinson

Author of Guerrilla Marketing

“The long search is over. There is no one better than Wendy Stevens to carry the torch of the guerrilla brand worldwide and represent women Guerrilla Marketers for years to come. Jay Conrad Levinson, the Author of Guerrilla Marketing, is fortunate to have found her and he knows it.”

Matthew Knowles

podcast marketing client

Shane Battier

branding & online academy and sales funnels

Dr. Daniel & Tana Amen

podcast creation & launch brain warriors way book funnel, 7 sales funnels optimization & Linkedin makeovers and sales funnels

Dan Lok

created &  launched Dan Lok Show Podcast

(Exceeded 1 million downloads)

guerrilla marketing makeover on linkedin sales funnels & bestselling book marketing campaign

Norm Johnson

Leads, Traffic & Sales

Deborah Torres Patel

branding, copywriting, website, sales funnel & LinkedIn marketing funnel

Dr. Jack Wolfson

created &  launched Healthy Heart Show


created &  launched Culture Code Champions Podcast

John Swallow

Former US Attorney General State of Utah