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Coach Wendy Stevens

Guerrilla Marketing Expert

As one of the original 200 Google Adwords certified consultants back in October of 2000 Wendy Stevens has enjoyed the early wild, wild west of online marketing including being one of three architects of the original Reverse Funnel System a $146M online direct sales launch in 2003. As the author of Reverse Google Marketing; an Amazon #1 Bestseller in 2007, Wendy combined her knowledge of understanding how to identify high converting traffic sources, to optimize how people shop, browse and buy. Wendy brings those insights to help clients create more leads, traffic, and sales to radically impact their bottom line profits.

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As a former NCAA Division I Championship Head Coach Wendy is passionate about creating winning results with leads and sales for her clients. Wendy is known for her success in helping individuals, B2B businesses, and companies get their message in front of thousands of highly targeted connections to consistently communicate, cultivate, and convert clients into sales elegantly and efficiently. Clients have included Hewlett Packard Enterprise, AT&T, 3M, Verizon and more..

Wendy Stevens is a successful multiple 7 Figure online marketer and has coached, trained, and mentored more than 80,000 people over 18 years in 136 countries to master the art of Guerrilla Marketing, sales, and lead generation. Wendy was one of the first 200 Google Adwords certified specialists from the inaugural training in Oct of 2000, Today Wendy is recognized for her clever strategies and tactics as a global expert in driving traffic, converting conversion into leads that result in sales. Wendy weaves together her specialized knowledge and strategic insights while creating successful sales funnels for her clients.

Wendy is the best-selling author of ‘Reverse Google Marketing’ and is working directly with Sharon Lechter of Rich Dad Poor Dad & Think & Grow Rich for Women to develop case studies of her own in publishing her next book ‘Guerrilla Marketing To & For Women’.
Wendy is the host of the New & Noteworthy Podcast “Guerrilla Marketing To Women” on iTunes.

The original Guerrilla Marketing book had over 21 million copies sold, and Jay Conrad Levinson’s book appears in 62 languages and is required reading in MBA programs worldwide. Jay chooses only one person to partner with to bring his brand to the world: Wendy Stevens.

Wendy Co-Authored The Best of Guerrilla Marketing with Jay Conrad Levinson & Seth Godin. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Guerrilla Marketing is the most trusted marketing brand in US history, and the original book “Guerrilla Marketing” was named by Forbes as one of the 100 best business books ever written.

Wendy Stevens then Co-Founded with the late great Jay Conrad Levinson and became the CEO of Local Guerrilla Marketing.

Wendy Stevens is a podcasting expert and has worked with the biggest names including Brain Warrior, Dr. Daniel Amen, the King of High-Ticket Sales, Dan Lok, and the father of Beyonce, Mr. Matthew Knowles, just to name a few, while taking their podcasts to New & Noteworthy on iTunes.

Today Wendy is a sought after motivational marketing and sales and inspirational international speaker that has appeared on the biggest stages from New York to London, South Africa and Singapore having shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Sharon Lechter, Marshall Sylver, Loral Langmeier and Bob Proctor. A former MVP, 3-time All American and NCAA National Champion at the University of Maryland for Women’s lacrosse, Wendy launched the inaugural women lacrosse program at Vanderbilt University.

Wendy created, recruited and coached Vanderbilt to a nationally-ranked Top 20 powerhouse in their first 2 years. She continues to apply that same drive, results-driven training, and systematic championship approach, as well as “You Sell You” mindset, to her powerhouse teaching and coaching programs to equip and empower sales and marketing teams to explode their leads and sale.

Today, Wendy’s inspirational style and dynamic approach brings programs such as Artifical Intelligence & Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing Gold, Platinum Prospecting, Podcast Concierge, Convert Connections, 6 Figure School and 7 Figure Freedom all showcases her dynamic coaching and business building strategies.

Deborah Torres Patel

Voice, Presentation & Public Speaking Skills Expert

Deborah helps leaders communicate with unshakeable confidence and master influential voice, presentation and public speaking skills.

Today, she’s the secret weapon, coach, and mentor behind many of the world’s best-selling authors, experts and leaders of Fortune 500 Companies. She designs and teaches predictable systems that ensure her clients communicate with world-class credibility and unshakeable confidence every time they speak. She’s had the privilege of working with hundreds of thousands of people in 80 countries on 6 continents as an International Voice, Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Expert.

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She’s been fortunate to share global speaking platforms with leaders like Kim Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins and Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Her clients have been on all major international media and she’s personally been featured on CNBC and CNN television and in global publications like TIME and Forbes.

In her entertainment career, she performed for millions on radio, animated film, TV, Broadway and on international live concert stages with celebrities like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. For decades, she’s shared and transferred these highly refined world class communication skills to enable leaders to scale new heights, reach their peak potential and the pinnacle of their careers.

The Platinum Podcasts Created With & Done For You Launch Program is a concierge-style one-on-one creation with Coach Wendy Stevens including a professional podcasting team.

We Take You From Your Idea or Concept To A Ready-To-Release Show. We Do All The Heavy Lifting, Produce and Release Episodes, Blog posts, and Execute All Guerrilla Marketing As We CoCreate A Professional Top-Ranked Show.

Takes you from your idea or concept to full creation.

Hosts a professional, growing, and authority-generating podcast.

The Platinum Podcast Launch Process:

Strategic Planning-Guerrilla Marketing Style

Through our personal in-depth process, we combine your ideas with our podcast expertise to form a detailed, professional plan that lays the foundation for your podcast.

Platinum Brand Creation

We then use the outline to craft eye catching podcast cover artwork from the style guide we create with you to keyword load your show’s Intro & Outro including a professional custom voiceover and soundtrack so your podcast stands out from the pack and hooks your listener right away.

Done-For-You Technical Setup

Our Team handles all the technical setup of your podcast and we integrate everything with your website. Our Producers turn your first audio recordings into premium, ready-to-publish podcast episodes including written show notes for each episode.

Platinum Concierge Launch & Promotion

Our Platinum Podcast launch campaign ensures your podcast is seen by thousands of people out of the gate in the first 8 weeks, with the goal of expanding your audience and hitting #1 in its category on iTunes New & Noteworthy.

Concierge Publishing

You’re now the host of a top ranked premium podcast! You simply record your content and let our Producers do the rest. As your executive producers we professionally edit your audio, write compelling show notes, and release every new episode to go live for you on an agreed upon schedule.

Growth & Monetization

To ensure your podcast is wildly successful, we provide ongoing training, resources and support for GROWING your podcast audience and generating additional revenue from your show. We even have quarterly consultations to make sure your growth strategy is on track!

it’s time to kick off  your own TOP Ranked
New & Noteworthy Podcast in

“Launching Our Podcast with Wendy was the Best Decision I’ve Made in our Business in the Last 10 Years!”

– Dr. Daniel Amen


Dr. Daniel Amen Endorses Platinum Podcasts and Credits 1.8 Million Podcast Downloads to Working with Coach Wendy Stevens

“She helped me create a podcast– and that podcast, within first two weeks I was already on New & Noteworthy based on the type of presence we had and the number of people signing up for it and that was because of her advice and her strategy. ”

– Sharon Lechter, Co-Author Rich Dad Poor Dad

Sharon Lechter

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Coach Wendy Stevens has cracked the code & formula to Produce top-ranked shows & hit New & Noteworthy On iTunes in less than 30 days. Not only has she done it for herself but has also achieved it for her clients.

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New & Noteworthy on

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Podcast Marketing Power

Wendy launched her own 1st Podcast to # 1 in business and marketing on iTunes in less than 30 days.

That’s the power of Guerrilla Marketing Results right off the launchpad.

Executive Producer & Creator, Launched the following Podcasts

Dan Lok 8 Figure Entrepreneur & YouTube Star

Co-created, Designed, Produced & Marketed Dan Lok's Podcast

300,000 Downloads In 8 Weeks !

The Healthy Heart Show

Congratulations to Dr. Jack Wolfson for hitting New & Noteworthy on iTunes!

Co-created & Designed Dr. Jack's Podcast

Kris Krohn, business coach, best-selling author, world-class speaker, and life-changing breakthrough mentor.

I co-created and designed Kris Krohn Show - Have it All!

Congrats to Kris Krohn debuts in top 200 in less than 5 weeks !

Bill Higgs, Co-Founder Mustang, Billion Dollar Business Mentor

I co-created and designed Bill Higgs' Culture Code Champions Podcast.

I also re-designed Bill Higgs' Culture Code Champions Book.

Ken Page, Relationship, Intimacy and Dating Expert Ken Page

I co-created and designed Ken's Deeper Dating Podcast

Sharon Lechter, Co Author Rich Dad, Poor Dad

I co-created, designed, produced and launched Sharon’s Podcast

The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast

Congratulations to Celebrity Clients Dr. Daniel & Tana Amen for passing 1 Million downloads in 10 months!

Co-Created, Designed, Launched & Executed Monthly Marketing for Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen

Mathew Knowles, Beyonce’s Dad

I designed, co-created and executed the Guerrilla Marketing Strategy!

Dr. Doug Weiss, Featured Expert on Oprah & Dr. Phil

I Co-created, Designed & Executed the Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

Blair Singer, Rich Dad Advisor

Co-Created, Produced and Launched Podcast

Eleanor Beaton, Fierce Feminine Leadership New & Noteworthy Podcast

Designed Guerrilla Marketing Plan and Roadmap

That’s a Big Claim, And We Back It Up

Celebrity Clients

Matthew Knowles

podcast marketing client

Shane Battier

branding & online academy and sales funnels

Dr. Daniel & Tana Amen

podcast creation & launch brain warriors way book funnel, 7 sales funnels optimization & Linkedin makeovers and sales funnels

Norm Johnson

Leads, Traffic & Sales

Dan Lok

created &  launched Dan Lok Show Podcast

(Exceeded 1 million downloads)

guerrilla marketing makeover on linkedin sales funnels & bestselling book marketing campaign

Deborah Torres Patel

branding, copywriting, website, sales funnel & LinkedIn marketing funnel

Dr. Jack Wolfson

created &  launched Healthy Heart Show


created &  launched Culture Code Champions Podcast

Video Testimonials

Who Listens to Podcasts ?

Podcast downloads passed 1 billion mark last year and monthly podcast listeners number @ 75 million per month.

– Washington Post

Look at the numbers in the chart. If you need a captive audience, you’ve got one. Roughly 47% of Americans listen to online radio, and they’re listening more every year.

According to an article in the Washington Post, 1 billion podcast subscriptions were purchased in 2013. 1 BILLION. The number of unique monthly podcast listeners has tripled in the past five years, and the existence of podcasts is set to reinvent radio with the integration of Wi-Fi in many new cars, and growing consumer dependence on smart phones and other internet-connected devices.

Listeners can learn while being productive. Try watching a presentation while at the gym.

85% of listeners hear all (most of) a podcast. This is a truly big number, as it represents 15% of the total US population. For comparison purposes, 3% of Americans go to the movies weekly.

42 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, 5x more than go to the movies



Number of people listening to podcasts has gone up 25% in the last 12 months alone.


The adverage subsciber listens to an average of 6 podcast episodes a week.


The average podcast listener listens to a podcast for 30 minutes.


The average person watches a video for 42 seconds.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Over 20 Million of downloads achieved for our clients !

The Platinum Podcasts: Ongoing Production

We’ve created a process called Platinum Podcasts that solves this problem and allows you to focus solely on recording fantastic content with everything else created with you and for you concierge style. Our Expert Creative Podcasting launch and monthly concierge management is an easy three-step process. You simply record your next podcast episode and send us the unedited audio files.
Our elite podcast producer turns your raw audio into a professional, ready-to-publish podcast episode. That means we remove any mistakes, um and uh’s, or awkward pauses, and take out any content that you would like removed from your recording. Then we add your intro’s and outro’s, any music or other audio segments unique to your show, and add an audio mastering and finally, we ID3 tag your audio file and upload your episode to your podcast hosting account.
Our podcast producers write compelling and engaging show notes for your podcast episode based on keywords from your episode’s content. We even include links out to all the tools, people, resources and websites that you mentioned in that episode.
We review your podcast episode and show notes to ensure they are premium quality, and schedule both to publish live on your website in iTunes and across the web at your preferred publishing time. Now you’ll receive a notification from our team that your episode is done and ready to be reviewed 12 hours before it’s scheduled to go live. So in short, once you submit your episode and approve your content, you’re absolutely done. You go about your business and count on us as your personal concierge podcast production department.

Podcasting is a huge trend where you cannot afford to be left behind

This is the most explosive way to grab market share !

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