It is Better in the Bahamas

Your Podcast Created With You & Done For You


Concieve, Create, Launch & Monetize Your Podcast

In this live 5-day retreat in the Bahamas, Creative Guerrilla Marketing Expert & Host of her own New & Noteworthy Podcast, Coach Wendy will unleash the clever strategies and tactics she used to create, produce and promote new and noteworthy shows for Dr. Daniel & Tana Amen, Rich Dad experts Sharon Lechter and Blair Singer, Beyonce’s father and former manager, Matthew Knowles and Oprah and Dr. Phil featured expert Dr. Doug Weiss.

Globally Renowned Voice, Presentation & Public Speaking Skills Expert Deborah Torrel Patel, author of the much anticipated upcoming book titled “Million Dollar Voice”, joins Coach Wendy Stevens to personally help you choose your topic, title, format, content, outline, marketing strategy and launch plan.

This will be done live during the podcast retreat in the Bahamas.

Wondering about What To Say and How To Say It?

Wendy Stevens and Deborah Patel will create, design and launch your podcast for you to achieve New & Noteworthy status on iTunes, guaranteed. They will guide you through their smart, creative & strategic process and do it with you LIVE, whether your goal is New & Noteworthy or a Million Download Show. They’ll even show you how to monetize it in the first month after launch !

It’s time to overcome obstacles of what to do or how to do it including the marketing expertise to achieve a top rank podcast. Request your interview to discover if you have a podcast that could solidify the top spot in your field to get paid what you’re worth.

If you’re ready to catapult your business to celebrity status & achieve new & noteworthy on